Was the Titanic SWITCHED with the Olympic?

Published on Sep 11, 2016

Was the Titanic Switched with the Olympic? Let’s explore some of the facts….

1) Titanic’s Insurance
Titanic’s insurance was increased 5 days before the maiden voyage, which resulted in J. P. Morgan receiving 12 and a half million dollars for Titanic, in insurance payouts, from Lloyds Maritime Insurance.

Estimated at over $160 million today, more than they could ever have recovered, if they had sold or scrapped her.

The switch theory primarily rests on the sinking being a deliberate act, to recover insurance money, to rescue the White Star Line from bankruptcy.

2) Olympics’ crash with HMS Hawke
Another key component of the ‘switch’s theory, is to state that damage to HMS Hawke was much more substantial, than what is thought. However, the Olympic’s damage, from HMS Hawke did not exceed $125,000, and there is independent verification of this fact.

Olympic was damaged badly enough, to force the voyage to be cancelled. Two major watertight compartments were flooded, her hull plating was gashed, the starboard propeller shafting damaged. Photos after the collision show the liner down at the stern, it is very unlikely, that the damage was more significant, than was admitted at the time.

3) Olympics’ Service Record
How can a ship with a bent keel, go on to serve 24 years without being fully repaired?

The fact that the Olympic went on to serve 24 years, with a damaged Keel, surely doesn’t stand up. Could this ship actually be the newer Titanic, and the Olympic, is the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

4) Surviving Crew Members had to sign the Official secrets act.
The surviving crew, were detained overnight and forced to sign a pledge, under the ‘Official Secrets Act’, promising to keep secret forever, the actual events of the night of, 14th and 15th April, 1912

5) Noticeable similarities between the Repair on the Olympic, and the Titanic

Photographs taken of Titanic at Southampton shortly before her maiden voyage, show a large area of discoloured plating, as if it had been newly painted with paint, or had been repaired, this section does not match, the rest of the newer ship. It’s also in the same location as Olympic’s hull, was damaged by HMS Hawke.

6) Lack of Publicity for the Titanic
Did you know, that the Titanic was never shown the enormous publicity, that Olympic received the year before.

7) No Public Inspection of the Titanic
While Olympic was open for inspection by the press and public, in both Belfast and Southampton, Titanic was not open, for any inspection at all, except to The Board of Trade inspection.

8) The Titanic’s sea trials, were really short
Olympic’s trials in 1910 took two days, including several high speed runs, but Titanic’s trials only lasted for one day, with allegedly none over half-speed. Is this because Olympic’s patched-up hull, could not take any long periods of high speed.

9) Cancelled Passengers
Interestingly, more than fifty first class passengers, cancelled at the last minute, many of them friends, and business associates of JP Morgan, and Morgan himself, (who had money tied up in the White Star Line), also cancelled claiming that he was ill.

10) Olympic Lifeboats on the Titanic
Titanic’s lifeboats had small brass I.D plaques screwed on them and they all said “RMS Olympic”


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