Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to find the Dome

Published on 26 Mar 2016

Immediately after WWII the U.S. Navy rushed launched the largest military operation ever down to Antarctica called Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd, a 33 degree Freemason led the expedition of 30 ships and 4700 militarized soldiers. The mission had 3 task forces that were sent out in different directions and was to last 6-8 months but the fleet came back in just 6 weeks. Admiral Byrd reported UFO sightings, but that was a public relations ruse, they were really trying to find out about the electromagnetic field above the ice wall and the edge of the dome.
Just several years later the U.S. and the Russians began firing over 49 high altitude thermo nuclear rockets up into the dome with Operation Fishbowl and Dominic.

Rockets went haywire and many had to be aborted as they tried to blast through the dome. In this presentation we chronicle the history of Antarctic expeditions as well as demonstrations of how the dome functions as well as how tidal changes and Sun and Moon movement occur in Flat Earth model.

Then both the Russians and the U.S. signed off on a ban on any more tests of the dome as the space race and the fake moon missions were sold to the world.

Special thanks for the music of Scott Huckabay and Donald Fagen
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Journey to Antarctica Find the Dome Ch 1 Intro

Journey To Find The Dome Ch II The Early Expeditions to Antarctica

Journey to Find the Dome. Ch III Op High Jump To Antarctica

Journey to Find the Dome Ch IV Nuking the Dome

Journey to Find the Dome Ch V Dome Alone

Journey to Find the Dome Ch VI Physics Demo of Sun, Moon & Tides Inside the Dome

Operation Dominci, Highjump,


Admiral Byrd Freemason

2014 Science discovers the glass wall dome

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