Published on 21 Nov 2013

please read thoroughly

I’m absolutely speechless on this one, STS107 if you want to see the main footage that this video is really about it is towards the end of the video but if you do you won’t know whats going on this is an amazing story. Footage can go either way. If it is CGI it’s the best CGI I have seen in my life for a hoax and no detail has been over looked right down to the focus of foreground and background + the home cam grainy look give it an authentic feel, If someone faked it, they should be working for Hollywood

The chain of events as NASA released them are very very wrong, as stated in the Video I witnessed Multiple pieces already streaking over Arizona, their Official story shows break up over New Mexico which is false false flase, over 35 witnesses here in Kingman Arizona witnessed it enter our skies in Multiple Pieces ……..
8:54:25 (EI+616): Columbia crossed from California into Nevada airspace. Speed: Mach 22.5; altitude: 227,400 feet (69.3 km; 43.1 mi).
Witnesses observed a bright flash at this point and 18 similar events in the next four minutes.8:55:00(EI+651): Nearly 11 minutes after Columbia re-entered the atmosphere, wing leading-edge temperatures normally reached nearly 3,000 °F (1,650 °C).
8:55:32 (EI+683): Columbia crossed from Nevada into Utah. Speed: Mach 21.8; altitude: 223,400 feet (68.1 km; 42.3 mi).
8:55:52 (EI+703): Columbia crossed from Utah into Arizona.
8:56:30 (EI+741): Columbia began a roll reversal, turning from right to left over Arizona.
8:56:45 (EI+756): Columbia crossed from Arizona to New Mexico. Speed: Mach 20.9; altitude: 219,000 feet (67 km; 41 mi).

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