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Roswell Area 51 Conspiracy theory

Usually, aliens and UFO sightings and theories have been kept as top government secrets and very few people can have access to such things. In America there is a place known as Area 51 and it has always been referred by that name, “Area 51” since the Cold War. In this place there are several things that occurred. This place always guarded by military men and no one is allowed to go even near the fence. Those who go near the fence will get apprehended immediately by the military men. This clearly shows that there is something hidden in this place that should not be made known to the public.

Area 51 has always been at the top of alien conspiracy theories and that’s what probably makes it famous. In 1947, it is believed that there was an alien crash that happened in Rosewll and that the Alien UFO was brought to Area 51 for study.   This event has always been termed as Roswell alien crash. A ranch owner by the name Mac Brazel, came across metals that covered some part of his land in Mexico. The debris was so intriguing that he took it to the authorities in Roswell. The authorities were so astonished by the type of the debris and they decided to do some quality investigation on Brazel’s land. They collected every piece of metal at the property. Later, the army commander at the Roswell made it known to the public that they had recovered some debris that looked like a flying disk. If you have ever seen some of the flying disks in the movies that are related to the aliens and UFOs, you probably can try to figure out how it looked like.

After some time, the army which was in charge of investigating the debris on Area 51 gave another statement that was totally different from what it had given to the press before. The army actually stated that the debris was just shrapnel from a weather balloon. The reason for trying to give different statements was probably trying to cover up something. However, this is not very clear. Around 1970s, several years later alien UFO conspiracy theories cropped up again and they were so popular among various theorists. There are so many conspiracy theories that revolve around Area 51, in which some tend to suggest that Area 51 is used as a hiding place for all the debris and the bodies of aliens that were found on Brazel’s land.

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