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As this site is new and getting established, I would strongly recommend that you take a moment to share your views or suggest a video or written post for submission.  Additionally, contribute to, or create a new topic to discuss in our online forum community.  It is your input and interest that will make this site great and viable.  our sister Facebook site is also a great source of information and location for the sharing of information and ideas.  You can post directly onto the site and you can join special interest groups directly.  Just click on the links in the main menu to be directed to the main Facebook community page or specialty group.  If you have an idea for a new group – let me know and I can create it.  Share our posts, links, and URL with friends and family to create a more viable and vibrant community.

Remember – what you share, discuss and debate will add to the knowledge base of others – possibly opening their eyes to the world out there and the hidden intrigues and manipulation that affects our lives on a daily basis.  The truth is out there but unless you share it – it will remain hidden and inaccessible!

To post a video you need to be subscribed to the site.  Creating a log-in is simple.  Just by click on the Log-in Icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  You can create a site identity in under one minute!

I hope to hear from you soon…….Administrator


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