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Top 10 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

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Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/16

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7 Dark and Mysterious Secrets of Antarctica

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Hidden in Antartica a Naval Officer tells us Exactly What He Saw

  Matrix Wisdom Published on Mar 2, 2017 A truly shocking and astonishing video on extremely strange events in the Antarctic. A naval officer tells us what he remembers, including seeing a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area they were crossing with a medical emergency on board. Then he ferried a group […]

Russian Scientist Claims Team Battled Creature Under Antarctic Ice

Published on Nov 14, 2016 A defecting Russian scientist has surfaced with a mind-bending account of what REALLY occurred when he and his colleagues went missing for five days in a mysterious lake 12,366 feet beneath the Antarctic ice. ​ Dr. Anton Padalka told authorities in Switzerland that the researchers discovered a bizarre and deadly […]